Guild Agency for New Life

Welcome to the Silver Lined Clouds Guild Agency for New Life (GANL). This is a place where members can come to adopt pets that other guild members no longer can take care of or that they'd like other members to have.

If you'd like to put one of your pets up for adoption through the guild for guild members to adopt, please feel free to start a thread in the official forum here.

Adopting a pet

To adopt a pet from the Guild Agency for New Life, simply visit the Agency forum on the message boards. Once there, browse the listings for available pets. Threads that are locked mean that the pet has already been adopted or is no longer available for adoption. If there is a pet you want to adopt, you should post in your interest in that thread.

This symbol means a thread is unlocked and the pet is available for adoption.
This symbol means a thread is locked and the pet is not available for adoption.

In that forum, each pet available for adoption has its own thread with information on how to adopt it.  Locked threads (with grey clouds) mean the pet has already been adopted; meaning you should ask a moderator to lock the thread once the pet is adopted.

Putting a Pet up for Adoption
If you'd like to put one of your pets up for adoption through the guild Agency for New Life simply post a thread in Agency forum. Be sure to include an updated image of the pet, it's name, and it's stats from the quickref page. Once your pet is adopted, simply PM a board moderator to have your thread locked.

First and foremost note that NO compensation may be gained by adopting pets. Any member found to be bargaining or bartering for adopted pets will be warned and possibly banned. It is fine for the person to send a Thank You gift after the transfer but payment for a pet is not tollerated.

Transferring the Pet
Once you finally have a member to give the pet to, there are two different methods to arrange the transfer.

Transfer option
This is the safe and sure-fire way to transfer a pet to a member. Simply go to the pound and use the Transfer feature. Click the pet you want to transfer, enter the name of the user you want to transfer to and voila you're done! All the member has to do is accept the pet!

Important: Make sure you have the exact spelling of the member's username otherwise it could go to the wrong person!


Abandon option
This method is a little risky as it involves dumping the pet in the pound (where ANYONE can view and adopt the pet) so for this method timing is of the utmost importance!

First, you'll need to arrange a time with the person you're giving the pet to so that you can coordinate when the pet will be put up for adoption. If possible, the most efficient way to do this is by talking over a live-time chatting program like AIM. Once communication has been set up here's what you do:

First, take the name of the pet you are going to give away and add it to the end of this URL:

For example, lets say the pet's name is Cornelia. Take that name and put at the end of the URL to get this link:

Once you have that link, give it to the member over the chatting program. This is the link they'll need in order to adopt the pet. So that they know when to visit that link, tell them that you'll send them a message that says "GO GO GO" when it's time to adopt.

Once they understand the process, put "GO GO GO" in the text area of the chat program but DON'T press enter/send yet. ALSO, be sure that the member to adopt the pet has about 1,000 NP on hand as the Neopian Pound requires NP to adopt.

Now go to the Pound to disown the pet. RIGHT AFTER you disown the pet press enter/send on the chat program telling the member "GO GO GO." If timed correctly, the member will get the pet just as you've put it up for adoption, thus minimizing the risk of someone else viewing the pet and adopting it first.

Remember: If someone besides the intended person snags a pet in the pound, that person DOES NOT have to give it back or give it to the person for whom it was intended. You can kindly let the person know that the pet was put up for adoption for a particular member but it is up to that person to decide if they want to arrange a new transfer or dump it back in the pound. Harrassing these members is inappropriate and against Neopets rules. To avoid this problem, we strongly recommend the Transfer option mentioned above.

Important: Before any transaction be sure to tell the member that there is the possibility that they may not get the pet. Also, payment cannot be accepted as part of the transaction.