Free Dailies

They say nothing in life is free but this just doesn't apply in the world of Neopia! If you know where to go, you can find yourself a plethora of free items and Neopoints.

The listing below is in alphabetical order. For a quick simple listing of the same links without the explanation, click the Bag of Neopoints to the right.

Bank (Neopia Central)
Nothing is better than earning NP by simply having NP! Open up a bank account and turn your NP into more NP... just don't forget to collect your interest each day!

Coltzan's Shrine (Lost Desert)
One to two approaches a day (once every 6 hours), usually worth it! You can get items, NP, or a boost in stats.

Daily Puzzle (Neopia Central)
Once a day a new question is posted in the top right corner of the home page. Answer the question correctly and get free NP and sometimes free items! Unsure of the answer? Ask here!

Deadly Dice (Roo Island)
From 12-1am NST (Neopian Standard Time is the same as California, Pacific Standard Time) you can play dice against Count Von Roo. There are no prizes at stake, you're gamling on the level of your active pet.

Deserted Tomb (Geraptiku)
Venture inside and risk injury to win some awesome prizes.

Freebies (Neopia Central)
Once a month, you can go there for 2,000 NP and food for all your pets!

Fruit Machine (Lost Desert)
Free Items and/or NP! You get one spin every day... for free!

Giant Omelette (Tyrannia)
Once per day you can go to the giant omelette to get a free omelette.

Giant Jelly (Jelly World)
Every day you can go to the giant jelly to get a free piece of jelly.

Grumpy Old King (Meridell)
Tell him a joke and if you get the old scrooge to laugh, you'll get a prize.

Guess the Weight (Meridell)
Simply guess the weight of the marrow each day. If you're one of the first 10 people to guess correctly, you win!

Healing Springs (Faerieland)
Sometimes you will get free potions, sometimes your sick pet will get healed, and sometimes you will get nothing. However, you can visit every half hour so you're bound to get something!

Lunar Temple (Shenkuu)
Properly guess the correct phase of the moon.

Meteor Crash Site (Kreludor)
A mysterious meteor has crashed here. If you poke it and it disappears then you get nothing but you can keep coming back every 60 minutes until you actually get something.

Money Tree (Neopia Central)
If you don't have very many NP, you can get all kinds of things here. This is where Neopians come to throw away all sorts of items from bottles of sand and dung to codestones and rare weapons! Unless you have a fast internet connection, you might not want to bother as items are snatched up rather quickly!

Meridell Trash Heap (Meridell)
Very similar to the Money Tree only these items are not placed by Neopians; they are randomly placed there by the Meridell trashmen.

Neopian Second-Hand Shoppe (Neopia Central)
Looking for some snazzy clothes for your Neopet to wear? Check out the thrift shop for donated items to pick up. This works similar to the Money Tree but is only for wearable clothes.

Qasalan Expellibox (Qasala)
Click to drop the scarab and quickly click it to bounce it around the expellibox. If it falls in the right tube you could win NP, items, or even NeoCash to use in the NCmall! Beware though your pet might also get sick if you land on a bad spot!

Random Events (All Neopia)
This is one of the easiest but also one of the most random methods of getting free things. A Random Events (also known as an "RE") happens while visiting Neopets pages. A simple box will appear towards the top of the page with a message. Sometimes you'll win NP, Paint Brushes, boosts in stats etc. Sometimes though, bad things can happen such as items/NP being stolen or zapped into dust.

This is what a random event might look like,
they are usually towards the top of the page.

The only way to increase your chances of getting them is to constantly visit different sections of the site. This isn't proven but it seems that REs are very common when visiting the guild Neoboards so there's some incentive for you to keep checking for new guild messages. ;)

Snowager (Terror Mountain)
Dare to enter his lair and possibly get free stuff or get blasted and have Health Points lowered to 0 HP. Sometimes, nothing at all may happen! Snowager times are: 6am, 2pm, and 10pm NST Lasts for 1 hour each.

Shop of Offers (Neopia Central)
You get 50 - 100 NP for free just for going to the page!

Soup Kitchen (Neopia Central)
The Soup Faerie feeds your pets with less than 3,000 NP.

Symol Hole (Meridell)
Risk sending your pet in and it may pull out a prize!

Tombola (Mystery Island)
One free try per day. You can win codestones and other great prizes or you might get stuck with the booby prize (which is usually food).

Turmaculus (Meridell)
Wake him up from his nap and you might get a neat prize! But he might also eat your Petpet so beware! He can only be awakened at random hours of the day.

Underwater Fishing (Old Maraqua)
Your pets can go fishing deep underwater and if they catch anything worthwhile their fishing skill goes up and so does the value of items that they may reel in!

Wise Old King (Brightvale)
Impress King Hagan with wisdom and he'll give you a prize!