Hierarchy Simplified

Please note that the explanation below is explained in terms of a royal hierarchy in medieval times but the guild SHOULD NOT be thought of in this way. Members are not here to serve the "king." The guild is here to be equally benefited by all.

Everyone's opinion counts and everyone is equal.

King (Diamond Cloud)

Leader of the guild. Has power to do practically anything. Makes authoritative decisions. He can temporarily suspend (or completely block members) delete messages, upgrade/demote ranks, change rank names, change the guild front page and website, change the guild hierarchy, change council members, modify the calendars and change or delete polls.



Royal Court (Council Members)

Have many of the powers of the king divided among them, "seperation of powers." They rule when the king is unable. They help king to make important decisions and offer their own opinions on how things should be dealt.


Wizards  (Magical Cloud)

These are the highest ranking, most-trusted, members of the court who are not on council. Well trusted and consulted for advice. Live inside the castle.


Dukes and Barons  (Enchanting Fog)

Below the wizards but still trusted in the guild. Long-standing trustworhy members.


Knights (Misty Vapor)

Mid-way members who've earned some of the guild's trust. Trusted to keep order and peace and help promote the guild.


Squires (Whirlwind)

Members who are noted by the guild to have promise as upstanding guild members.


Commoners (Light Breeze)

Everyone who joins the guild. The ones "governed" who make the guild worth having! Everyone starts here. (Even the king did!)