Message Board Help

Our Proboards Message Board system is what we use here in the guild to communicate with each other. It may seem a bit intimidating when you first visit but once you get the hang of them they are a breeze! This page will help you understand the boards a bit better and answer some questions that you may have.

Board Vocabulary ^top
There's a few words and phrases on the boards that may sound completely foreign to you so this list will help you better understand!

A page with various threads relating to the board topic.

Thread (or "Message")
A message page posted by someone about the topic of the board in which is is located. Threads should always be relevant to the board in which they are posted. For instance, a question or comment about Neopets should not be placed in the "Kickback Cafe" board as there is a board for "Neopets General" discussion. There is no need to worry about where to post a message, do your best and if it fits better in another board, a Moderator will simply move it for you!

Forum (or "The Boards" or "The Message Boards")
The entire collection of the different boards.

Personal Message (or "PM")
A PM is a message sent to a certain member of the message boards. They are exactly like Neomail. They are messages that you can send to a specific person on the boards that only that person can see. You can find your PMs at the top right of the message boards.

When a thread is "stickied" it means that this thread has been marked as an important one. Stickied threads remain at the top of the forum they are in, even if there are no new posts.

Moderators (or "Mods" or "Staff")
People with the ability to manage, lock, or move threads. Here to help, rather than be feared!

Avatars (or "Avies")
These are the small images that appear on the message boards under your screen name in a post. You can select an avatar by clicking "PROFILE" at the top of any page on the Message Boards. You can also add your own if you have one hosted on another site.

IMPORTANT: Avatars may not exceed 100 x 100 pixels in dimensions.

Signatures (or "Siggies")
This is the space below your posts where you can add a statement about yourself. Many people like to use images with their name on them. You can add stuff to your signature by clicking "PROFILE" at the top of any page on the Message Boards.

IMPORTANT: Signature images may not exceed 100 pixels in height or 400 pixels in length. Also, excessively long signatures will be edited and/or deleted when necessary.

Add Images to Posts ^top
To add an image to your signature or posts, you need to use the image tags. To use image tags, simply put IMG surrounded by brackets like this: [IMG]. After this image tag put the URL of the image where it can be found on the internet (for example: Finally, put the closing IMG tag on it which looks like this [/IMG]. The complete code to post the image looks like this:


You are responsible for all images you post. Any image, avatar, or signature that you post is your own responsibility. Inappropriate images will be removed at guild descretion and could lead to immediate banning from the guild.

Bold, Underlined, Italicized, Scrolling Text ^top
Similar to adding an image you can modify your text using similar bracket tags.

B = Bold
I = Italicize
U = Underline
MARQUEE = Scrolling text

So for instance to make your text bold you'll want to use the bold tags as follows:

[B]The text you want to be bold goes here.[/B]

There are various buttons above the typing space when create a post that you can use to modify your messages. Hover your mouse over them to see what they do.

Crowns, Clouds, and Swords? ^top
There are different symbols used on the boards to let you know the status of threads and boards.

A crown with a jewel has new threads since last visit.*
A plain crown has no new threads since last visit.*

* Note: During the theme weeks, the crowns above may be different symbols. If the images are currently not crowns, then those are the images that are being used to represent new posts.

Within each board of the forum, threads have symbols that let you know if a thread is either open for posting or if it's locked. It also lets you know if a thread has been Stickied for importance.

A white cloud is a thread that is open, you can post there.
A grey cloud is a thread that is locked, you cannot post there.
A white cloud with a sword through it is stickied.*
A grey cloud with a sword through it is locked but stickied.*

Still confused about the boards? ^top
Check out this page. It should answer any other questions you may have about the boards. If not, please feel free to ask on the boards or you can Neomail/PM a staff member!